About Us


Glasgow Theatre Company was officially founded in April 2010.  With an altered rehearsal process as well as more creative control over the productions performed, actors have freedom to pursue roles and shows in which they would typically not be able to participate due to the busy nature of their daily lives.  The main goal of Glasgow Theatre Company is to provide an atmosphere of creativity as well as the means to allow people with busy schedules the opportunity to participate in community theatre.  We know that our friends do not pursue theatre as a pastime to increase their stress levels; therefore, we strive to make every person’s experience with Glasgow Theatre Company as user-friendly as possible.

Board President: Todd Everhart
Artistic Director: Heather Eisenhart
Treasurer: Reneé Everhart
Secretary: Elizabeth Paxton
Public Relations Chair: Chris Bowen
Company Member Board Member: Joy Nagy
Community Member: Bonny Gable

Current Active Company and Board Members, January 2016:

Chris Bowen*
Amber Davis
Heather Eisenhart*
Sharon Flake Eisenhart
Reneé Everhart*
Todd Everhart*
April Gardner
Kaeli Gardner
Hunter Graybeal
Ryan Gray
Michael-Thomas Griffith
Becky Harris
Stacia Howard
Chris Jones
Jon Luttrell
Ashley McLaughlin
Jeremy McLaughlin
Joy Nagy*
Elizabeth Paxton*
Martin Robinette
Debra Shoun
Joe Smith
Rosemary Smith
Chris Yoder
Stephanie Yoder
Chip Zimmerman

*board member

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