A note from GTC’s founding Artistic Director:

Unfortunately, theatre is not a self-sustaining product. The only way theatre – or any art form, for that matter – canĀ survive is through the generosity of our patrons. Only if we are financially supported by our community – individuals and businesses alike – can we make a concerted, full-voiced effort to allow the arts to transform our community. And in these difficult economic times, the opportunity to be removed from reality, as can be achieved in the theatre, is a high commodity indeed.

Businesses who choose to make large contributions will be advertised not only on the cover of the program, but also inĀ all print and audio-visual media advertisements, as well. In addition, our company will present productions in all of the Tri-Cities, so your business will not only be advertised locally, but throughout the entire region, as well.

If you or your business would be interested in making a donation, sponsoring a production, or advertising in our programs, please feel free to contact us – and let us say thank you in advance!

You can contact us by calling (423) 797-8482 or by emailing us directly at glasgowtheatre@gmail.com.

Again, thank you for your support of the arts in the Tri-Cities!

-Chris Broadhead, founding Artistic Director and lifelong Company Member

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